Saturday, January 2, 2010

Morning Friends...I am up and thinking of going shopping once again...I have to start the new year off right...I am going to be posting pics of my home & different things soon...Trying to figure out how to do things on here... I have really enjoyed reading thru different blogs, so wonderful getting to see your homes & holiday decor...inspiring but may hurt my checking account ;) Love new home ideals...Hope everyone is having a great new start to 2010..


Melissa Miller said...

Hi Peggy,
Welcome to blogging! You will enjoy it!

Thank you for following along on my blog and your kind visit today. You are always welcome anytime my friend.

I'll keep my eyes open for pictures and new posts from you!

Have a wonderfully blessed week.
~Warmly, ~Melissa :)

Liz said...

Hi Peggy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for commenting! *smile*

Welcome to blogging! I am new to it as well! It can be addicting...LOL!

I will check back for new posts and photos...can't wait!

Have a wonderful and Happy 2010!



Amy Kinser said...

Good morning! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn't this fun?

I think this is a great avenue to "meet" new people, learn new things and hopefully share my faith as well.

You need my seventeen year old son to come help you out. I promise I couldn't do half of this without him. What will I do when he goes off to college? I guess my fourteen year old will take over.

Good luck with yours and looking forward to keeping up with you.

God bless you.

Melissa Miller said...

Thank you for your kind visit today Peggy! I really appreciate it.

I'm still looking out for your new posts and photos. *Smiles*

Have a ggood weekend. ~Melissa :)